• Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing…, Trout and Salmon Gobbling Gobies

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    Nice spring king, Chelsea, especially on 8 lb. test leader!

    Fishing for browns, lakers, and occasional, cohos, rainbows, kings, and Atlantics has gotten off to a fast start out of Oswego Harbor, with Fish Doctor anglers averaging around 30 fish per trip since our first of the season on April 18.  Interestingly, the only forage fish I’ve seen in the limits of trout and salmon I’ve fileted are gobies.  That’s right 100$ gobies in trout and salmon stomachs so far.  You can bet that alewives will move inshore soon, but right now it’s all about gobies.

    This little bottom dweller is just that…, a mottled brown forage fish that lives on the bottom, actually walking around on it’s oversized pectoral fins.  The furthest it gets off bottom, when startled, is about one foot.  To feed on them, trout and salmon have to scrape the bottom, and so  should you when you’re trolling right now.  Sure, when browns, kings, cohos, and rainbows are active, they will be on the surface and can be caught there.   But…, when their bellies start to fill up and the bite slows down, it’s back to  bottom.

    This time of year aboard the Fish Doctor, we’ll have two riggers scratching the bottom all the time, and some of our biggest fish are taken there, including a 14 lb. king on 4/25/14 taken 25 feet down over 30 feet of water.  Although you can buy goby imitation spoons, black and silver spoons seem to work just fine.

  • Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing Report, Oswego, 4/16/11

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    With the air temperature in the mid30′s and the weather forecast predicting rain and southeast winds gusting to 50 mph, it was hard to say what the fishing out of Oswego Marina was going to be like when my charter of Clarkson graduates and I headed out in the Fish Doctor at 6:00 AM on Sat., April 16, 2011.

    Conditions weren’t great, but with the surface water temperature in Oswego Harbor 49-50 degrees and the water quite turbid,  the brown trout didn’t seem to mind the weather. 

    For the next 6 hours action was steady, with 11 browns, 2 cohos, and one rainbow trout coming to the net.  Black and silver F-11 Rapalas and Smithwicks in blue/silver/orange and blue silver were the hottest stickbaits, with a hammered silver/blue Wolverine MiniStreak taking most of the fish on the riggers. 

    Heavy wind gusts made it tough to control trolling speed, but most of the fish came from about 1.9 to 2.6 mph.  In these conditions, I like to run a variety of tuned Smithwicks so that I know that I’ve got a Stickbait in the water with the proper action no matter what the speed.

    Because of the weather, there was only one other boat on the water on Sat. morning. 

    Part of a 4/16/11 catch 14 of brown trout, coho salmon, and rainbows.

    Part of a 4/16/11 catch 14 of brown trout, coho salmon, and rainbows.