• Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing Charters…, Book Wisely

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    Every year tens of thousands of anglers from all over the eastern U.S. and further book  charter fishing trips for trout and salmon on Lake Ontario.  Some of the trips are successful, and some aren’t.  But if you book wisely, your chance of success improves.

    With 36 years in the charter fishing business, 22 of those years fishing full time on Lake Ontario, I’ve dealt with a lot of charter customers.  Some book wisely, some don’t.  

    Most of those anglers who do book wisely, book early, when there are plenty of prime fishing dates available.   A high percentage of those who book early do their homework, checking my web page and comparing it with others.  When they call or email, they ask the right questions, like…,  “Do you have a USCG license? Are you fully insured?  Have you really been a fishing guide and captain for 36 years?  Do you fish full time?   How many trips each year do you do?  What kind of boat do you fish?  How is it equipped?  Do you fish with a mate?  How many passengers can you comfortably fish? Do you have a fully enclosed cabin, standup head, heater, etc.  fish?   What is your policy regarding blowoffs?

    Although it helps to book early, don’t be afraid to call about a last minute trip.   The best captains are usually booked nearly full, but often have a few scattered openings available, and if they don’t, they can refer you to another competent captain with openings.  Fish Doctor charters is now booked solid, morning and afternoon for July and August, but we work with several other excellent part time and full time captains, who still have some weekend and weekday openings.

    Preparing for your trip is also important.  One of the most critical issues, seas sickness, can usually be prevented by taking dramamine well before your trip begins.  If you wait until you climb aboard to take it, you’ve waited too long.


    Trinity's trip was successful because her Grandpa Rick booked it a year ahead.

    Trinity's trip was successful because her Grandpa Rick booked it a year ahead.