• June the Best?

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    A JUne 10, 2012catch of Lake Ontario salmon and steelhead aboard the Fish Doctor.

    One of the most common questions I hear is, “What time of the season is the best fishing?”  Well, it would take a book to answer that one, but in a nutshell;

    1.  It all depends on what you want to fish and what type of tackle you enjoy.  If you want to fish for brown trout in shallow water, you generally must fish in April, May, and early June.  If you like  ultralight gear the answer is the same when we’re trolling on or near the surface with noodle rods and 8 to 10 lb. test line.  If you want the biggest kings and cohos of the season, you should fish in late August and early September.

    2.  Good fishing any time of  the year depends on conditions.  If weather patterns and especially winds are consistent, with no major changes, fishing is consistent.  Get a big blow and it changes everything.  Fishing can be the best all season, but one major weather change, especially high winds, can change everything.  If you’re fishing when a major cold front comes thru.  Don’t expect a good bite.

    That said,  especially over the past 5 years, I think the best fishing of the season, especially because of the beautiful weather, calm seas, and multispecies catches, occurs in June.

    The past couple trips I’ve done on June 9 and 10 are a good example.  On June 9, we boated a limit of king salmon, browns, steelhead, and lakers, and released a dozen or more small king salmon.  Now that’s action.  The next day, we boated lake trout, king salmon up to 26.1 lbs., and numberous steelhead.  The highest wave we saw on 6/9 was barely a 1-footer, on 6/10, it was flat calm.  Temps were comfy in the 70′s.

    Does it get any  better than that?