• June, 2012 Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing, The Best!

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    In our last blog, we answered the question we’re often asked, “What is the best time to fish Lake Ontario?”  The answer, hesitantly because of all the variables like weather, annual changes in trout and salmon behavior, and other factors…, was June.

    Well, I guess once and I while you just get it right, because fishing last month, June, 2012, for king salmon, steelhead, and brown trout may just have been the best fishing I’ve ever seen any month, any year since the first June I fished back in 1978!!

    What fishing!  Limit catches of kings and steelhead were the rule thru about June, 25.  The steelhead scattered a bit, but the number of kings increased as they moved even closer to shore.  Because of all the attention anglers were focusing on kings, browns nearshore have gone untouched, and fishing for them has been as good as it gets.

    Alewives are wall to wall, and a Lake Ontario fishery researcher emailed this comment to me.  “Preliminary results from the alewife survey in April indicated that alewife remain in great condition, adult abundance and biomass improved and it appears that they pulled off a good year class last year.”  The condition of the king salmon and brown trout “second” that.  Steelhead are also in super shape, and there appears to be a very strong year class of 4 to 8 lb. fish, probably 3-year olds.

    We’re looking at not only “football” browns, but “football” kings.  I’ve never seen kings as healthy.

    The prospects for the rest of the season…, out of sight!  2013 prospects…, off the scale!!!

    Brandon, boated this 25.9 lb. "football" king on the afternoon of 7/2/12 aboard the Fish Doctor.