• Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing…, Trout and Salmon Gobbling Gobies

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    Nice spring king, Chelsea, especially on 8 lb. test leader!

    Fishing for browns, lakers, and occasional, cohos, rainbows, kings, and Atlantics has gotten off to a fast start out of Oswego Harbor, with Fish Doctor anglers averaging around 30 fish per trip since our first of the season on April 18.  Interestingly, the only forage fish I’ve seen in the limits of trout and salmon I’ve fileted are gobies.  That’s right 100$ gobies in trout and salmon stomachs so far.  You can bet that alewives will move inshore soon, but right now it’s all about gobies.

    This little bottom dweller is just that…, a mottled brown forage fish that lives on the bottom, actually walking around on it’s oversized pectoral fins.  The furthest it gets off bottom, when startled, is about one foot.  To feed on them, trout and salmon have to scrape the bottom, and so  should you when you’re trolling right now.  Sure, when browns, kings, cohos, and rainbows are active, they will be on the surface and can be caught there.   But…, when their bellies start to fill up and the bite slows down, it’s back to  bottom.

    This time of year aboard the Fish Doctor, we’ll have two riggers scratching the bottom all the time, and some of our biggest fish are taken there, including a 14 lb. king on 4/25/14 taken 25 feet down over 30 feet of water.  Although you can buy goby imitation spoons, black and silver spoons seem to work just fine.

  • Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing Report…, April, 2014

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    A Fish Doctor crew from NH with part of their 4/19/14 brown trout catch

    Whew!  Brown trout fishing out of Oswego Harbor COULD NOT be any hotter.  The Fish Doctor went in the water April 10 and our first charter trip was April 18.  On the 18th Fish Doctor anglers boated somewhere between 30 and 40 trout and salmon, mostly browns, but along with them shallow lakers, cohos, rainbows, and one Atlantic salmon.  Ditto on our second day.

    The next two days a fisheries research team fished with us to tag browns, lakers, kings, and Atlantics.  It’s an exciting new tagging study designed to track tagged fish for a year, constantly recording the temperature and depth.  Despite spending time targeting Atlantics, which we knew would be few and far between, we still boated almost 25 fish per trip and tagged a sample of shallow water lakers and browns.

    The tally for our first four days of fishing was somewhere around 120 fish, or an average of about 30 fish/trip, the largest browns 31 1/4 inches and the largest laker 13 1/2 lbs., were all taken on ultralight tackle.

    Conditions could not be better for early spring fishing  in the Oswego area, with the water temperature of the Oswego River as high as 49 degrees in recent days, but the lake water temperature just outside the plume of the river 35 degrees . We’re talking a magnet in this area for baitfish and the trout and salmon predators that follow them.  With flow of the Oswego River still pushing 20,000 cfs and the water entering the lake still turbid, conditions could not be more ideal, and good inshore fishing should continue thru early June.



  • Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing…, 2014 Fishing License Changes

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    Salmon and Trout Fishing on Lake Ontario, July 4th at the Oswego Harbor Lighthouse

    It’s a rarity in this day and age for the cost of anything to go down or for a regulation to change for the better, but that’s what happened to New York State fishing licenses.  Here is a summary of changes and fishing license fees you’ll be able to take advantage of this season.

    New Fishing License Year – Annual licenses are now valid for one full year from date of purchase  Instead of fishing licenses being valid from Oct. 1 thru Sept. 30, as in the past, your fishing license is now valid for one full year after purchase.  In the past, if you fished with Fish Doctor Charters on, say, July 1st and August 30, 2013, you would have had to purchase an annual license for ___  and it would have been good only thru Sept. 30, 2013.  With the change in licensing, if you fish the same dates in 2014, the annual license you purchase  on July 1, will be valid thru June 30, 2015, giving you 9 additional months to fish. 

    Annual Fishing License  – Resident and nonresident fishing license fees have been reduced.  “Juniors” from 16 to 69 will pay $25 and seniors, only $5.  An annual nonresident license is now $50.

    1-day Fishing  License Fee  – Many Fish Doctor Anglers fish only one trip each season and purchase a 1-day license.  The cost of that license, which was $15 for non residents and ___ for residents  in, 2013, has been reduced to $10 for nonresidents and $5 for residents

    Resident Senior Annual Fishing License – Now only $5, this fee was reduced from ____ in 2013.  

    General Fishing Licenses(effective 2/1/14)


    Resident Fee

    Nonresident Fee


    $25 (ages 16-69)


    $5 (ages 70+)