• Oswego Brown Trout Fishing Conditions

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    An Oswego brown trout double boated on one rod in early April

    Despite recent fluctuations in the weather, plus high winds, early spring brown trout anglers are eyeballing the Oswego area, tops for browns in eastern Lake Ontario, waiting to get on the water.  If you’re one of these anxious brown trout fisherfolks, here’s an update on the Oswego fishing conditions.

    Flow in the Oswego River is crucial to spring brown trout fishing out of my home port.  The higher and muddier the water, the better the brown trout fishing conditions, and we do have high water!  This morning, April 7, 2017, flow was 25,300 cfs, 1.6 times higher than normal.  Temperature was 44 degrees.  Perfect.

    On Wed, April 5, temp on my Fish Hawk at my  boat slip(#21) in Oswego Marina was 45.3 degrees.  East of Oswego in 20 feet of water on the afternoon of April 5, the water was muddy, I’m guessing a visibility of 1 foot or less and the water temperature was 44.4 degrees.  Nice.

    With all the  recent rain, plus snow predicted today in the 5,000+ sq. mile Oswego River watershed, you can bet on high flow in the Oswego River well into April and probably May.

    Oswego anglers could not ask for better spring brown trout fishing conditions.

  • Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing…, Steelhead Egg Take

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    A Lake Ontario steelhead.

    Each fishing season Lake Ontario anglers enjoy some of the finest steelhead fishing in inland waters on the North American continent. To support that fishery the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation(NYSDEC) stocks close to one half million yearling steelhead raised at the Salmon River Hatchery in Altmar, NY.  This stocking, plus the yearling stocking policy for Lake Erie requires and annual egg take from adult steelhead at the Salmon River Hatchery.  A recent email from the NYSDEC reported the following results from the ;

    “NYSDEC Salmon River Hatchery staff completed Steelhead egg collections on Wednesday April 5th, 2017. More than 640 female steelhead were spawned over four days, resulting in over 2.4 million eggs collected (exceeded the 2.15 million egg target). Fish hatched from these eggs will be raised in the hatchery for approximately one year, and will be stocked as spring yearlings in 2018. An additional 149,238 eggs were collected from Skamania strain steelhead.  Steelhead are stocked every spring in tributaries to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie where they contribute to the open lake and tributary fisheries. Current Lake Ontario Steelhead/rainbow trout stocking includes 497,700 Washington strain yearlings, 43,000 Skamania strain yearlings and 75,000 “domestic” strain rainbow trout yearlings. Lake Erie tributaries are stocked with 255,000 Washington strain steelhead annually.  Steelhead are an important component of the world class fisheries supported by lakes Erie and Ontario.”