• Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing…, Salt Ice for Fresher Fish

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    This June 26, 2016 catch of trout and salmon aboard the Fish Doctor was kept fresh on salt ice.

    The only charter boat fishing out of Oswego Harbor that cleans trout and salmon onboard before returning to the dock is the Fish Doctor, AND…, we are very fussy about keeping fish as fresh as possible.

    That starts with bleeding and rinsing every trout and salmon that comes aboard the Fish Doctor.  The next step is putting the fish in our onboard cooler with salt ice to keep fish as fresh and cool as possible until they are fileted.

    Salt ice?  Yes, salt ice, 1 gallon jugs of water to which 3 heaping tablespoons of salt have been added.  Adding salt to water before freezing it lowers the freezing temperature of the water, meaning the ice will actually be colder than frozen fresh water.  When salt is added to water, the temperature drops: A 10-percent salt solution freezes at 20 F  and a 20-percent solution freezes at 2 F.

    That’s why you see the liquid in the bottom of a Fish Doctor cooler at the end of a trip frozen to the bottom of the salt ice jugs.  Not so with a frozen  jug of regular fresh water.

    Bleed fish, keep them rock hard on salt ice, filet them fresh taking care not to get any slime on the filets, and you’ll have the best tasting fish possible that keep much fresher for much longer in your frig or cooler..

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